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At the Arc of Steuben we are analyzing some of the data we have collected on outcomes present. With this in mind we have selected four that we are scoring low in and brainstorming ways to attack those areas. The four areas are:... (more)
Beckie A A. said 2 weeks, 5 days ago . . Show Comments (1) Hide Comments (1)
August Capstone - Data Brief We are trialling the use of SPSS (v22) for our POMs data. We would love to connect with a person from CQL regarding its use!
Casey AE G. said 2 weeks, 6 days ago . . Comment
Ann Beuchener sent an email indicating that there was information on an agency that was completing a one day POM overview, I cannot locate the information in the Library has anyone been able to access it?
Nadine D. said 3 weeks, 5 days ago . . Show Comments (1) Hide Comments (1)
As we conduct POM interviews , many people are asking for electronic support rather than a staff, feeling that it increases their independence I am researching methods for support and oversight that could be in place instead of a... (more)
Nadine D. said 2 months, 3 weeks ago . . Show Comments (5) Hide Comments (5)
Hi Guys, Does anyone have a really good system for monitoring basic assurances that they could share with me? swalshe@cheeverstown.ie
Sarah W. said 2 months ago . . Show Comments (7) Hide Comments (7)
CQL Announces New Director of Training and Certification CQL is pleased to announce that Sarah Gimson has accepted the newly develped Director of Training and Certification position. Sarah brings a wealth of experience from... (more)
Becky M. H. said 3 weeks, 5 days ago . . Comment
Morning everyone: I am new here. How many of you have been using CQL and Poms?
Deborah C A. said 4 weeks, 1 day ago . . Show Comments (1) Hide Comments (1)
CQL invites you to join us on a journey towards Person-Centered Excellence! CQL is proud to announce a new accreditation menu for 2015. This expanded menu offers broader choices to organizations, regarding the accreditation... (more)
Becky M. H. said 1 month ago . . Comment
Hi all, Does anyone work for an organisation that has their own Bill of Human Rights or Human Rights Charter? Are you able to share?
Casey AE G. said 2 months, 3 weeks ago . . Show Comments (4) Hide Comments (4)
Hello memebers of Upstate New York. I am looking for the link to access the NY conference call on July 17, 2014. Can someone connect me to the link? I had the pleasure of attending the last session and learned significant... (more)
Velma L. T. said 1 month, 3 weeks ago . . Show Comments (4) Hide Comments (4)

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Black Hills Works in Rapid City, SD is hosting an assistive technology conference - "Creating Possibilities: Where the Rubber Meets the Road". Many assistive technology conferences are geared toward convincing company leaders to... (see blog)
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You may have seen a posting on CQL's facebook page about the part-time position in North Carolina by and for DSP's. Benchmarks, a statewide provider association, recently announced that they have been awarded a grant with the... (see blog)
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The National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) is creating a Direct Support Professional Advisory Committee (DSPAC) that will assist the board of directors to determine strategic efforts and initiatives that help... (see blog)
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I realize many of you are not familiar with Carol Ruen. She was the Assistant Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities in South Dakota. And she was my dear friend. Carol passed away on October 2, 2013 of a... (see blog)
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Stewardship [stoo-erd-ship, styoo-] Responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. (Conservation, Guardianship) Conservation [konser-vey-shuhn] Definition: preservation Part of... (see blog)
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